Bicycle claims

If you're questioning that your bike is faulty, please contact our customer support here

Depending on the fault, we will direct you to deliver your bike to a warranty service point or to make a claim return. 

The warranty includes defects due to manufacturing and raw material defects and defects in sizing and assembling at the factory. 

The warranty does not include defects caused by normal wear and tear ( eg. brake pads, wheels) and damages caused by non-performed maintenance or improper use of the bike. 

The warranty service point has the right to determine whether the defect is covered by warranty. 

Please note that if you deliver the bike on your own to a service point that does not have a service agreement with Intersport, we will not cover the cost of the service or spare parts.

In cases where our customer service requires to return the bike, they will order a delivery for it from your home via Posti. For transport the product needs to be packed in its original box the same way as it was delivered. All the parts and manuals that were delivered with the bike, should also be returned. The return of the claim is free of charge for the customer.

In some claims, we need to consult the importer, so please be prepared that this may affect the processing time. 

Each complaint are handled on a case-by-case basis. 

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