My contact information is incorrect, what can I do?

Once the delivery is on its way, we are unable to make changes to the delivery information. From your chosen delivery company's website, you can find ways to change your information.

Posti: With Postis deliveries we are only able to change your phone number after the package has been sent. Contact our customer service to make the change request.

Matkahuolto: With Matkahuolto Paketit -app and from Matkahuoltos home page, you can make changes to packages that have already been sent. You need to be registered to Matkahuoltos service, to access your order information.

DB Schenker and GLS: Contact our customer service.


If you can't find answers or help from above, please contact our customer service via phone, chat or service form. You can find our customer service contact information here.

The Delivery companies sometime have to divert packages to a place other than the nearest pick-up point if the nearest pick-up point is full. Please don't ask for the shipment to be moved, unless the package has clearly been routed incorrectly.


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