How can I order products from the store's selection via the online store?

With our "Tarkista saatavuus ja tilaa myymälästä" (Check availability and order from Intersport store) option, you can order products online from store assortment and pick them up in the Intersport store most suitable for you. Alternatively you can also choose delivery. You can order only one item per order. If you would like to pick up more items, you need to make another order. Please contact the store to discuss the delivery fees.

Step by step:

  1. Look through our assortment, check the store availability of the desired size and color in your favorable stores and click Tilaa (Order). Note that the product price may vary between stores. Our stores can decide their pricing freely.
  2. The staff from your chosen store, will pick up the product you have ordered and you get a notification by e-mail and text message when the order is waiting for you or when the order has been sent. 
  3. Pick up the product, try it on and make the final decision. Make a return back to the same store you ordered from. Return instructions will be attached to your order. Exchange can't be made on a store order, if the return is made by mailing the product.

If you wish to change or cancel your reservation, please notify the store you've chosen as a pick up place. 

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