What is the difference between store orders and online store orders?

Store Orders

In the store order, the customer selects the Intersport store from which they want to order the product. The ordered product is collected from the selected store and the payment is made to that store. The store sends the product to the customer by mail. A possible return must be made back to the same Intersport store. Store orders cannot be returned to the online store.

If you have any questions regarding the store order, please contact directly that Intersport store from which you are placing or have placed the order. Contact information for the stores can be found here.


Online store orders

The online store order is delivered from the online store's warehouses and the payment is made to the online store.

You can find more information about online store orders here.

Online store orders cannot be returned to Intersport stores. The return must be made to the online store, in accordance with the online store's return instructions.

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