Setup of a bicycle, first service and warranty service

Bikes are delivered to the customer with manufacturer settings in the original importers package.  Bikes are always delivered using home delivery. 

Normal bikes are delivered assembled, but due to delivery, pedals are taken off and the handlebar is turned. Some accessories, for example a pannier, might be detached. 

Electric bikes are not delivered fully assembled, as they are delivered directly from the factory. Due to delivery, the front wheel, pedals, the meter and the battery may be detached and the handlebar is turned. 

The customer should always check the bikes breaks and transmissions and if necessary, adjust their functionality. Assembling and adjusting the bike, is not included in the price when ordering from our webstore. When buying a bike directly from a Intersport store, bikes can be assembled and adjusted for an additional fee. 

You'll find maintenance instructions for the bike here

Bike service at Intersport Stores :


First service: 

The customer is responsible for taking care of the first service of the bike (after riding about 200km) as well as the annual maintenance/service. Defects due to neglected first and annual service are not covered by warranty.

Warranty service:

Defects due to manufacturing and raw material defect as well as installation and dimensional defects at the factory are covered by the warranty.

The warranty does not cover, for example, defects caused by normal wear and tear (eg brake pads, tires) or defects due to neglected service or improper use of the bike.

The warranty service point has the right to determine whether the defect/problem is covered by warranty or not.

If you have any problems with the assembling, first service or warranty service of the bike, please contact our customer service here

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